Feargrounds Haunted Attraction

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What are the hours of operation?
A: The property opens at 7:00 p.m. nightly, the attractions will open at dark, if different. Lines will close at 30 mins before closing to ensure that everyone in line at that time has a chance to experience the attractions. Please see our Calendar for general open dates.

Q: How long is the wait in line?
A: Your wait in line can vary from night to night! Generally, there will shorter lines earlier in the season. We will do everything we can to make sure guests experience the haunted houses as close to their time window as possible.

Q: Do you have restrooms available?
A: Yes, portable toilets are available on site.

Q: What time does the line start forming?
A: Entrance lines often begin forming 30 minutes before our scheduled opening time.


Q: Where do I purchase tickets?
A: Tickets can be purchased online and in person. You can either print your ticket or present it on your phone. Printing is recommended where possible. Online advance tickets may have a different price and additional advantages.

Q: Why do I have to select a time?
The time on you select at checkout is when you are able to enter the park. Admittance before your selected entry time is at our discretion. We use timed entry to create a more enjoyable experience for you! (LESS WAIT TIME!!)

**Once we have used our ticket can we go through the same attraction again with the same ticket?**No, your ticket grants you a one-time admission to each attraction.

Q: I lost my ticket, will you replace it for me?
We do not offer refunds or discounts for lost tickets.

Q: I purchased a ticket, but I can no longer attend. Can I get a refund?
A: Sorry, there are no refunds on ticket sales. Online tickets may be transferred.

Q: I purchased a ticket, but I can no longer attend. Can I transfer my ticket to a friend?
Absolutely. You can transfer the ticket online or email the ticket to your friend. All tickets are verified with scanning.

Q: What payment types do you accept at the event?
All major credit cards and cash can be used to purchase food, drinks, and merchandise at Feargrounds.

Q: Do you offer discounts?
Follow us on social media for discounts and special offers.

Q: When can I use a coupon?
If you have a coupon, please read it carefully to see what days they can be used.

Q: Do you offer discounted rates for children?
Sorry, we do not offer special prices for children. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Q: Do you offer group rates and reservations?
Yes, for groups of 15 or more. Group ticket sales must be arranged in advance and cannot be purchased at the door. Note: Groups will be divided into 4-6 people at a time when entering any of the haunted attractions. To purchase group tickets, please contact [email protected].

Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Who can I contact?
Email [email protected] for additional questions.


Q: How scary is Feargrounds?
A: That all depends on the individual! It’s not for young children.

Q: Can I wear sandals or flip flops?
A: Enter at your own risk. We have mulch, wood chips, turf, and dirt in various areas and the scares are very intense - sandals, flip flops or other open toed shows are NOT recommended. We are not responsible for lost sandals, flip flops or other personal items.

Q: Can we touch the actors or props?
A: Contact with our actors is prohibited. You will be asked to leave without a refund if you are caught touching our actors or props.

Q: Do you charge for parking?
A: No, parking is free!

Q: Do you have clowns/chainsaws?
A: Yes, we do.

Q: Do you have strobe lights, loud noises, or fog?
A: Yes, we have all of that. Only proceed if you do not have issues with these.

Q: If I get too scared to make it through the haunted house, can I get a refund?
A: No. You paid us to scare you. If you get scared in the line or in the first few rooms and want to leave, we have done what you paid us to do very quickly.

Q: When is the best arrival time to avoid a long line?
A: We recommend arriving 15-30 minutes before your timed ticket. There is no entry before the time on your ticket. We request you purchase tickets in advance to reduce wait times.

Q: What can’t we bring with us inside the haunted attraction?
A: No pets! No cameras! No smoking! No laser pointers or flashlights! No food or beverages! No weapons! We are not responsible for lost cell phones or other personal items. If you purchase food or beverage while in the queue line you will be asked to finish it before entering the attraction.

Q: Can we take pictures or video?
A: NO photography or video of any sort is allowed after you enter the attraction. In addition, all cell phones must remain off or in silent mode once you enter the attraction. Guests will be removed if disturbing others’ experience with cell phone lights.

Q: Is smoking allowed?
No smoking is allowed on the Feargrounds site.

Q: Can we be thrown out or denied entry for any reason?
A: Yes, for the safety of all our guests we do not allow foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, weapons of any kind, drugs or alcohol, etc. If our security team determines you are under the influence of and drugs or alcohol you may be denied entry or removed from the premises. We do not offer refunds if you are thrown out or denied entry.

Q: Do your attractions have security?
A: Yes, we have an internal security team and a police presence during our events. Rarely do we have a problem that requires security, but we have them just in case.

Q: Can I go through the house if I am pregnant?
Our Haunted Attractions are NOT RECOMMENDED for pregnant women; people with high blood pressure, back, neck, health, hearing or heart ailments.

Q: Are your attractions open if it rains?
The attractions are rain or shine. Dress appropriately for the weather and temperature. If we cancel the event, ticket cancellation terms will be honored.

Q: Is it a maze? Is it dark?
A: The attractions themselves are not mazes, they are trails with only one way to walk. And yes, it is dark!

Q: Are your attractions rides?
A: No, guests walk through all the attractions.

Q: Are there any age restrictions?
A: Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Generally, we think the youngest age should be around 11 or 12, but it really depends on your child. No refunds will be provided.

Q: Are the actors allowed to touch you?
A: No. However, you may be touched accidentally and it is possible you may brush up against their costumes, props, or some of the sets and decor.

Media partners interested in filming at Feargrounds should reach out to [email protected]

Additional questions? Email us at [email protected]